4 ways to decide if VR is right for your wedding?


  1. Have a loved one who can’t make it?

A lot of people run into this when planning a wedding, you want all of the most important people in your life to witness you marry the love of your life, to share that memory with them forever. But many reasons may prevent them from being there: Location, sickness, cost, eloping, Etc…. If you want to ensure your loved ones won’t miss a moment of your special day, want to make them feel like they were ACTUALLY there, VR may be the solution for you. On any regular device or tablet they can view your wedding day and control where they are viewing. Giving them the control of real 360 sight! Simple!


  1. You want memorabilia that’s “with the times”

VR is a “new thing”…. Just like in 2000 the MP3 player was a “new thing”. We have learned over time as technology has evolved, things that are current or new quickly become the standard. And yes there is some nostalgia to pulling out your old CD case, but for actual listening purposes; it’s just not practical anymore. With that perspective in mind, think of years down the road when you want to share your wedding day with family and your children. Viewing your wedding in 360 video, they will be able to look around and see all perspectives: dad’s face when he sees her in the dress for the first time; then watch it again and see her grand entry; then again to see grandma with tears of joy. It gives you infinite possibilities that flat video just can’t offer. What we can’t guarantee…. Is that it won’t be “old school” by the time you kids watch the video.


  1. You want to see it all!

Do you ever wonder what you will miss when you are getting your hair done? When you go take pictures with family, what were the guests doing? When you go get your bouquet to toss, was Uncle Joe was doing worm? A lot happens at weddings, and the bride and groom are in such high demand you may actually miss a lot!  With VR you don’t have to. We can capture every moment for you so you never have to experience the dreaded FOMO (Fear of missing out).


  1. Want a more immersive way to share on Social media.

With this new technology social media is keeping up, Platforms such as facebook and youtube now recognize 360 video making it easier than ever to share. Want a post that will stand out from the crowd? Now your friends can feel like they were there, even if they didn’t make the cut on the guest list.


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